Exfoliating Ingrown Solution

This lactic acid based exfoliator is your glow-to solution for stubborn ingrowns, razor bumps, and dark spots, without the harsh scrubs or retinols. Formulated for your most intimate and sensitive areas with hydrating and immune-boosting prebiotics, it helps remove dead skin cells and clears hair follicles and pores where bumps begin.



Ingrown hairs and razor bumps

•Blemishes, clogged pores, and rough skin

•Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH)

What else?

•Also helps banish blemishes on the face and body

•Dermatologist-tested and approved


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3 reviews for Exfoliating Ingrown Solution

  1. Liz Cushing

    this is like liquid gold. it got rid of 5 ingrowns that had been stuck on my bikini line since last summer. I also used it on my face and a dark spot I thought would never leave is finally fading. I will keep a bottle around at all times.

  2. Kendall

    So I’ve had a couple bottles of Refiner from my trio subscription, but never really used it much since the *amazing* serum and scrub were consuming all my attention 😂 I finally decided to pick the spray back up and try to address my SUPER stubborn, “been-there-forever” ingrown hairs in the bikini area. NOTHING has worked, ever. And I do mean ever. Well, let me tell you…after just 2 days of use, those ingrowns were flying up to the surface and practically JUMPING out of my skin. My goodness! My mind is blown and I will never again live without a bottle of this in my cabinet. I’ve never been able to practically wipe away ingrowns before. It’s a miracle!! And dark spots are starting to fade already.

    Another plus – it smells great! Kind of has a vanilla hint to it. All of the other ingrown treatments I’ve used smell like straight-up rubbing alcohol. Not this one!

    Love love this product! Give it a try if you have stubborn ingrowns or discolored skin!

  3. Cynthia

    I’m a few weeks into using this and I love it. My skin is getting smoother!

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