Acne Facial– Cleansing of the face, skin analysis, light exfoliation, and extractions are included in this treatment that is suitable for all skin types with active acne

Age Define Brighten Facial– Cleansing of the face, skin analysis, powerful enzymatic and AHA exfoliation are included in this treatment especially customized to combat aging skin with hyperpigmentation
PCA Peel– Cleansing of the face, skin analysis, a deep exfoliation with a PCA peel, followed by serum and moisturizer

PCA Express Peel– In 30 minutes, a cleanser, analysis, and PCA peel for reduction of fine lines and congestion

Red Carpet Facial– Cleansing of the face, skin analysis, extractions, and customized enzymatic treatment followed by skin correcting serums for face, eyes, and lips

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial– Cleansing of the skin followed by an enzyme peel derived from pumpkin that leaves skin feeling soft, moisturized and brighter

Using steam and gentle pH balanced cleanser, the bikini line, and outer vulva is treated for ingrown hairs and trapped dirt or oils using gentle Fur Silk Scrub. A soothing mask is applied followed by toner and moisturizer that leaves you looking brighter, clearer. We recommend this treatment following sugaring or for the weeks between sugaring.


Odor is totally normal – regardless of where it happens! Instead of masking intimate odor with harsh fragrance, Microbiome Balancing Spray neutralizes odor-causing bacteria with powerful Pre-Odorants and supports a healthy microbiota with Prebiotics.

Not only does this stop odor before it starts, it also helps to protect from bacterial & yeast imbalances that can lead to intimate breakouts, bumps, itch and irritation.