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Sugar Cove Sugaring A La Carte Services

Brazilian Sugaring ($76) Complete removal of pubic hair from the front, sides, and bum

Bikini Sugaring ($48) Removal of any pubic hair sitting outside the typical bikini area

Sweet Cheeks ($42) Complete removal of pubic hair on and around the buttocks 

Happy Trail ($12) Removal of hair from the stomach around the belly button

Tummy ($42) Removal of stomach hair from belly button and mid drift

Underarm Sugaring ($28) Stop shaving for 2 weeks and try this popular sugaring service

Half Arm Sugaring ($56) Full removal of hair from the elbows, forearms, and the wrists

Full Arm ($88) Full removal of hair from the biceps, upper arms, forearms and wrists  

Full Leg Sugaring ($142) Complete removal of leg hair from the upper thighs to ankles

Half Leg Sugaring ($88) Complete removal of leg hair from the knees to the ankles

Full Face ($62) Sugaring of facial hair from the cheeks, chin, and lip

Eyebrow Shaping ($30) Expert natural shaping of the eyebrows to frame the face

Upper Lip ($16) Gentle removal of hair from the upper lip

Chin ($20) Gentle removal of hair from the chin area

Featured Sugaring Aftercare Products by FUR

We are proud to carry Fur® products because the entire line is created with the cleanest facial-grade, vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic ingredients that are dermatologically and gynecologically tested. 

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