WOO Freshies

“Full of natural, VJ-loving ingredients, Freshies work to cleanse & hydrate your skin; soothe any inflammation & irritation triggered by “physical activity”. So, you’ll smell like a vanilla cupcake and be ready for the next round

  • Designed specifically for pre and post-game ‘activity’. Great for after the gym and errands too.
  • Organic and natural ingredients, made for the most sensitive areas
  • Hypoallergenic, vegan & cruelty-free
  • Discreet, easy, and convenient packaging 
  • Free from shitty ingredients like parabens, petroleum, silicone & synthetic fragrance


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3 reviews for WOO Freshies

  1. Sara

    “I just got married and I’ve had multiple UTIs… and these wipes are the answer to my prayers! Since using them, I haven’t had ANY irritations or symptoms of a UTI at all. Highly recommend for ladies struggling with the nasty ingredients in other products.”

  2. Natalie

    “I LOVE how they make me feel and what they actually do for my body. I have them in every bag! If you’re looking for a confidence boost before your next sex-sesh, look no further than these perfect towelettes.”

  3. Natalia S.

    I absolutely love these! make me feel so clean after, very gentle, no harsh chemical feeling, gave me such a confidence boost after using one! always keep these with me now.

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