6 Pack of Bikini Sugaring    $245

6 Pack of Brazilian Sugaring    $395

6 Pack of Underarm Sugaring    $125

 3 Pack of Express Tans    $165

5 Pack of Express Tans    $290

10 Pack of Express Tans    $505

3 Pack of Standard Tans    $115

5 Pack of Standard Tans    $190

10 Pack of Standard Tans    $290

3 Pack of Brow Laminations + Tint + Shape    $335

4 Pack of Lamination    $311

4 Pack of Brow Tinting    $105 

3 Pack of Age Defying + Brightening Facial    $305 

4 Pack of Signature Blowouts    $205

Eyelash Tint 4 Pack    $105

Eyelash Lift 4 Pack  $315

Lift + Tint 4 Pack    $405

Sugaring hair removal, an ancient technique with a modern twist, is a natural way to achieve smooth and hair-free skin.

Crafted from a simple blend of sugar, water, and lemon juice, the gentle paste adheres only to the hair and not the skin, minimizing discomfort during the process. Unlike waxing, its all-natural composition makes it suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, reducing the risk of irritation and ingrown hairs. Experience the sweet simplicity of sugaring for hair removal that leaves your skin feeling soft, supple, and beautifully bare.



Bikini     $51
Just the sides

Brazilian     $79
Ladies full bikini area

Full Face     $65
Excludes brows

Brows     $33
The natural brow shaping

Lip     $19
Upper lip area

Chin     $23
Below the lips

Under Arms     $31

Full Arms     $91
From the bicep to the wrist

Half Arms     $59
From the elbow to the wrist

Full Legs     $145
From the upper thigh to the ankle

Half Legs     $91
From the knee to the ankle

Happy Trail     $15
Hair from the belly button

Tummy     $45

Lower Back     $35
The hair on the lower back

Sweet Cheeks     $45
The bum area

Manzilian     $103
Gents full bikini area

Chest     $71
Gents chest area

Stomach     $51
Gents stomach area

Full Back     $133
Gents full back

Lower Back     $55
Gents lower back

Full Arms     $119
Gents arms (bicep to wrists)

Shoulders     $41
Gents shoulders, excludes biceps

Sweet Cheeks     $71
Gents bum area

Bikini     $35

Underarm     $25

Brow     $27

Half Legs     $45

Lip     $15

** Children younger than 16 will need to have a parent in the room with them during the service. Children 16-18 years will need a parent consent (parent present to sign consent form) to get a service done.

Standard Body     $51
Develops in 8 hours (standard)

Express Body     $71
Develops in 2 hours

Half Body     $38
Top or bottom half

Face Only     $25

Primer (add-on)     $17
Helps even & extend the lifespan of your tan

Brow Lamination     $93.00
More defined shape and visual fullness

Brow Lamination + Shaping     $103.00
Get the perfect shape with Sugaring and tweezing

Brow Lamination + Tint     $103.00
Achieve a darker, more defined look

Brow Tinting     $33.00
Just tinting

Brow Tinting + Shaping    $58.00
Shaping with Sugaring and tweezing plus tint

Brow Lamination + Tinting + Shaping     $133.00
The full package!

Acne Facial     $103
Gentle cleansing exfoliation & extraction

Age Define & Brighten     $128
Powerful enzymatic and AHA exfoliation

PCA Express Peel (30 min)     $93
Reduce signs of acne/aging

PCA Peel     $153
Reduce signs of acne/aging

Red Carpet Facial     $113
Reduce wrinkles, plump skin

Express Peel + Take Home Kit   $123

Full Facial + Peel    $173

Pumpkin Enzyme Facial   $88

Signature Shampoo + Blowout   $58

Sugar Baby Shampoo + Blowout  $48 *Age 10 and under with adult supervision

Up Style Event Hair   $68 Please arrive with clean, dry hair

Up Style + Signature Shampoo + Blowout   $128

Length 18 in+ and/or Extensions   Add $33/33 additional minutes

Add-on Treatments   $28

Dermaplane     $103

Dermaplane + Jelly Mask     $118

Dermaplane + “No Peel” Peel     $183

Dermaplane + Peel + Jelly Mask     $193


Eyelash Tint   $32

Eyelash Lift    $88

Eyelash Lift + Tint   $113

*Improve the appearance and texture of skin with a combination of exfoliating, smoothing, and brightening. Reduce surface lines and wrinkles, smooth rough skin texture, treat skin discoloration, redness, and assist in clearing acne or blemish prone skin revealing healthy new skin.

Half Leg   $88

Full Back    $128

Half Arm    $68

Hands + Feet    $78

Inner Thigh    $78

Bum    $68

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