Intimate Serum with Tremella Mushroom Extract

Glide into playtime with our water-based ultra-silky, non-sticky Intimate Serum with Tremella Mushroom Extract for extra hydration in all the right places. Ideal for use during me time and we time with a partner, this pleasure-boosting, worry-free formula is so natural you could eat it.

•Dryness, pain, or discomfort during intimacy
•Boosts lubrication to enhance pleasure
•Protects against unwanted bacteria

What else?
•pH 4.0 supports pH and the vulva microbiome with nourishing ingredients


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3 reviews for Intimate Serum with Tremella Mushroom Extract

  1. Gabrielle Jackson

    When I have sex that isn’t lubricated enough I get so sore and it causes skin rashes but I’m also picky about lubes and get irritated easily. I asked a friend for tips on vaginal dryness and she showed me lady suite. It’s a little more expensive than what I am used to but I noticed it was glycerine-free and unscented, all of which have caused some irritation in the past. I’ve been using for 3 weeks and it feels good and comforting and leaves my skin soft. It disappears, so no cleanup really (outside of normal cleanup). I’m in love and will use this for as long as they make it.

  2. Alecia P.

    I’ve been feeling more dry at the beginning of sex and needed a little help getting things started. This is just the extra wetness I needed for things to feel good again.

  3. Linda M.

    Hands down my new favorite bedroom essential. I was having sex pain but this helps more than you’d imagine. It feels like natural moisture and lasts long! Me and my husband are very grateful.

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